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Kebaya Exhibition: Colorful Trip Through Fashion and History.

Kebaya Exhibition: Colorful Trip Through Fashion and History.

Have you ever come to visit Kebaya Exhibition? A sunny Saturday in Kampong Gelam, Bugis, filled the air with the beautiful colors and long history of the kebaya. Berita Mediacorp and One Kampong Gelam put together the main event of the party, which was called “Gaya Kebaya – Raikan Warisan Kita” (Celebrating Our Heritage).

Kebaya Exhibition: The first documentary, “Unveiling the Beauty of Kebaya,”

Kebaya Exhibition: Colorful Trip Through Fashion and History.

People were most excited when they got a sneak peek at the future documentary “Kebaya Gaya Nusantara,” which was made by Berita Mediacorp. The documentary, which will air on the local station Suria on November 23, is an hour long and talks about the beauty, history, and development of the kebaya.

Kebaya Exhibition: A Message of Hope from Minister Faishal

Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development Faishal Ibrahim said that he hoped the tribute to the kebaya would give young people ideas. He talked about how important it is to adopt values from the past and showed how traditions like the kebaya affect how women dress, what they value, and how they live their lives today.

Kebaya Exhibition: The kebaya is more than just a dress.

The kebaya is an important part of the history of many different groups in the area. It has deep roots in the Malay-Indonesian fashion tradition. “Gaya Kebaya – 130 Years,” an exhibition put together by Kebaya Société, showed 25 beautiful kebaya clothes. There were some that were more than one hundred years old and others that women in Kampong Gelam had worn many years ago.

Important Donations: A Bit of History

Two of the kebaya on show were given by Puan Noor Aishah, who was married to Singapore’s first president, Yusof Ishak. This gives them a historical touch. These clothes are a link to Singapore’s past, especially to Kampong Gelam, which is the city’s Muslim area.

The Kebaya exhibition is open to everyone.

People could see the beauty of kebaya at the exhibition at 45 Sultan Gate until November 26. The hours were everyday from 12 pm to 6 pm. The best part is that everyone can get in for free!

Fashion is the main event

As the day turned into night, the party went on with an indoor fashion show. Toko Aljunied, Ratianah, and Mozaic, three shops in Kampong Gelam, all showed off their kebaya selections. But what really made the runway unique was that it didn’t just have professional models on it; it also had customers from the boutiques of all kinds.

Everyone who wore a kebaya walked the parade, from young people to old people. This showed that the kebaya is a garment for everyone. People in the crowd couldn’t help but cheer and applaud the variety of kebaya styles. It was a memorable and heartwarming event for everyone.

Finally, the Gaya Kebaya event not only showed off the kebaya’s beauty and past, but it also stressed how important it is in today’s world. We celebrate our heritage and the values and customs that make the kebaya more than just a piece of clothing. It’s a sign of diversity, acceptance, and the eternal link between the past and the present.

Kebaya Exhibition: Colorful Trip Through Fashion and History.
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